Risk Assessment

Every tree poses some risk thus living amongst them we accept some of that risk level. But how do we decide when the risk is unacceptable?

CTS employs 5 licensed users of the British Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system (QRTA). All users are qualified Arboriculturally and all findings are concurred and agreed upon with senior consultants.

The system considers the target value, impact potential and probability of failure is calculated which may or may not prompt a necessity for remedial action. The action figure is an internationally used benchmark that is one thousand times higher than the probability of a fatality from tree failure in Australia.

CTS uses the system extensively in Western Australia for single or multiple tree situations. Clients include many local and state government authorities, utility providers, large commercial enterprises and private residents wishing to resolve concerns and disputes. Please visit the QTRA website for a more detailed explanation of the system. www.qtra.co.uk

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